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Sustainable fashion is a movement fostering eco-friendly textiles and fashion items, also addressing any kind of environmental exploitation and this is what sums up the whole concept behind Auruhfy.

Auruhfy is a homegrown sustainable design and home-decor brand which accentuates on blending traditional Indian crafts and textiles keeping in mind the importance of sustainability. They do an assortment of high-quality handcrafted women's clothing, accessories, and numerous magnificent home decor products. Launched and Co-founded back in the year 2016 by two young women entrepreneurs namely Ms. Prashasti and Ms. Kanupriya, Auruhfy was built on their shared passion for design and aesthetics. But currently, it is solely owned and managed by Prashasti Goyal.

From being an Interior Designer and certified fashion stylist to now, a successful owner and founder at Auruhfy. Passionate, Diligence, an aesthetic connoisseur, and brazen are the words to describe Prashasti Goyal who handles all the operations and successfully runs the fashion house all on her own. Later on, her passion and love for Indian textiles and craft led her to launch her brand 2016 by the name of Auruhfy.
Within a few months she launched a new segment to her brand i.e sustainable fashion label. Her vision was to create a one-stop solution for lifestyle, be it apparel, accessories or home furnishings. The brainchild of Ms. Prashasti, Auruhfy, is an ethical homegrown label that strongly believes in discovering and implementing Indian textiles and crafts and practicing the idea of sustainability. She strongly believes in creating a system via her brand which will help artisans, and nature to be sustainable by encouraging hand weave, natural dyes, fair wages, and (ideally) zero waste.
The aim is to create modern, comfortable clothing for women and home furnishings to give an individual’s space a warm and lively feel. The designs are created to highlight Indian craft and textile heritage with minimalistic cuts.
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