Beginning of an era with "PADMA"

It was the perfect time for our trip to find inspiration for the next collection and this thought landed us in Khamir Society (Bhuj). To gain first of a kind experience, our day one started to find the essence of the place.
Cotton Threads Bunch
Understanding that the entire village had a number of local artisans and every house in that area was enabling greater good by producing sustainable and organic hand-made products. Excitement to be in this area was increasing with the time we were getting to spend. It is also memorable to us as at that night we had the pleasure of one of the best meal made by locals in Khamir Campus.
Living in a city life for so long, the food was always fulfilling to our stomachs but not to our souls.
Cotton Balls
On the outset of next day, we started with a brief at Khamir and to bring in our understanding we made a visit to the local markets displaying different type of products/techniques such as kala cotton, mashru weaving, ajrakh hand block printing etc. helping us to finalise our dream fabric.
In Bhuj, days were hotter whereas nights were cooler and all this while as we were travelling in and out we were continuously crossing a pond filled with dirty water, never realising what we were missing. A few days went by like a routine, discussions, spending time in the library which contained an ocean of books on cultural history and ancient techniques, meeting the local artisans, discussions with the professors and students of Khamir Society, our heart was still looking for an inspiration.
One day per our daily ritual, we crossed our little pond and to our surprise we found a pink lotus blooming in full swing and bringing life to that very still pond. Our heart skipped a beat and at that moment as we had found our inspiration.
At that time, we knew that what we were looking for was a lotus to revive us from the stressful life brought to us by a fast moving city life, pollution, survival pressures. The reminder was to be made and our apparels needed to have a life with a purpose to blossom even in the harshest of environments that we live in. 
These few days changed our lookout and sense of responsibilities in our work, personal life and was the foundation stone for the inception of a new role which we took, which we were determined to bring through fashion industry.
We are immensely thankful to the Khamir Society for guiding us as they are trying really hard to keep the cultural heritage arts alive, by supporting local artisans and by creating a bridge between the big designers of the fashion industry and our deep roots of the arts.

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